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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 9, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> 9:00 a.m. on the east coast, 6:00 on the west. first, the new naked pictures and now reports that his wife is pregnant. will today be the day that disgraced congressman, anthony weiner resigns. >> if you own a citigroup credit card, listen up. hackers gained access to about 1% of its online accounts. we are talking about more than 200,000 people. a grim new measure in the economy, we learned that last week, the number of americans filing their first claims for unemployment benefits rose to 427,000. that's 1,000 more than the week before. we begin this hour with what may be a political death watch for congressman anthony weiner. the new york democrat refusing to resign for a sexting scandal. new developments may make his political survival appear even
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more unlikely. first up, at least a half dozen fellow house democrats are joining the call for him to step down. >> his behavior was unacceptable to me. it was appalling, as a woman, as a colleague of his, this really just violates his relationship, i think, with his constituents and i call for his resignation. >> kate bolduan on capitol hill. why is the statement from representative swarts so significant at this time? >> reporter: congresswoman swarts is significant because she is in charge for recruiting democrats to run for the house in the 2012 election cycle. her coming out with this public statement is part of a new step-up effort to force congressman weiner to resign. as one democratic source put it to me, a signal that represents the caucus. it shows the feeling among democrats that this is hurting
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them politically. it says quite a sfamt abotateme that. congresswoman schwartz, she is not alone. half dozen other democrats have come out calling for him to resign. this is very new from when we talked yesterday morning. we will be looking to see if these calls are growing louder for congressman weiner to resign. as a reminder to our viewers, members are still home in their home districts right now. we will see if they are feeling the pressure to make a statement, kyra. >> we will be following it as more people come forward. kate bolduan on the hill, thanks so much. if he manages to weather this scandal, he may still lose his job. his congressional district will likely be eliminated because of recent u.s. census results.
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the population means two seats will disappear by 2012, one held by a republican, one by a democrat. sources say weiner's scandal makes his congressional seat the logical one to be sacrificed. the personal fallout takes a gut-wrenching turn this morning. "the new york times" is reporting that weiner's wife is pregnant with their first child. huma ab dean huma abdin is a long time aide to hillary clinton. the banks have lost a big fight on capitol hill. did you, the consumer win. they are refusing to delay a new limit on deb bit card fees. you may end up paying the difference in other ways. alison kosik with more. >> this was a big battle that pitted big banks versus retailers. consumers were caught right smack in the middle of all this. what all of this was about was
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about these swipe fees. this is what retailers pay banks when you use your debit card. right now, retailers pay 44 cents to the bank per transaction. on july 21st, that's going to drop to 12 cent force a transaction. the senate voted yesterday to let that reduction go through. some lawmakers were trying to delay it to next year with no success. this really is a huge issue, kyra. these lower swipe fees are going to end up costing banks an estimated $13 million. >> bottom line for consumers? >> that's really the good question that's lingering. both sides say, hey, we are both saving the consumers money. retailers say the lower fees will mean lower prices for us. what they have been doing is passing on the cost for the swipe fees on to consumers.
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banks says they are going to cut back. they may stick it to you. credit card rewards may go away. spending limits on debit cards may be put into place. in defense on the banks, they may need to do this. there is going to be the lost revenue. kyra? >> allison ckosik from the new york stock exchange. a new development in the run for the white house. rudy giuliani, when could he make this announcement and will it make any of his competitors nervous? jim acosta in washington with this story. hey, jam. >> reporter: good morning, kyra. it will be a development if he actually decides to jump into the race. this is really a little more than speculation at this point. bill crystal, the noted conservative columnist put out a story last night saying that he has information from two reliable sources as he puts it thats former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani, is going
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to get into the race for 2012. we do know that he is contemplating this, has talked about it publicly. he has said he may jump into this thing. that's a big difference between running for president and just thinking about running for president. the crystal article is very interesting. it goes through some of the thinking behind this. people will say, rudy, you ran in 2008. it didn't work out so well. it is interesting, bill crystal points out, that giuliani ran for mayor of new york city back in 1989. he loss the and ran again in 1993 and won. so it is interesting to see that parallel there. giuliani did not make 2008 very competitive in states like new hampshire and iowa. he banked his campaign on succeeding in florida. that did not work out. so, we will have to see what happens. if the mayor jumps in, it will make the race more interesting. why don't we talk about rudy giuliani's old job. i wonder if the former mayor
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watches 30 rock. what do you think? >> this is the big apple edition of the political ticker. it sounds like an episode of 30 rock is what i was thinking. things aren't going well. so he die sides to run fdecides mayor of new york. the list goes on and on. >> i can see it. >> i can see it too. now, there is speculation about all of this because of all of the difficulties facing anthony weiner right now. he was reportedly widely reported as being very interested in returning for mayor of new york. with him out of the race, out of contention, alec baldwin has stoked some reaction. he put out a tweet saying it is a long way until 2013.
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it could be jack donahy or alec baldwin. you can always go to our website, 24/7, cnn a u.s. military mission you probably don't know about. "the new york times" is reporting that a covert war against al qaeda is intensifying in yemen. the u.s. allies a hot bed of terrorism and growing instability. rebels badly wounded its president. he is now recovering in saudi arabia. the u.s. is taking advantage of the power vacuum by ratcheting up the air strikes. according to "the new york times."
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>> the newspaper goes on to say. still ahead, we are going to talk to the "new york times" reporter who wrote the story, mark masetti jouns me live in a few minutes. americans are bitterly divided on a lot of issues but this ain't one of them. >> it is unforgivable that delta couldn't make an exception and cut these boys some slack. >> pr nightmare for delta airlines over its treatment of our u.s. soldiers. tells you what happened. (rambling phone conversation)
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delta airlines took heavy fire after hitting u.s. soldiers with excess baggage fees heading home from afghanistan. almost $3,000 soldiers had to pay out of will their own pockets. the airlines were beaten into a retreat, such a p.r. nightmare. marty savidge reports. >> reporter: the pentagon likes to say the u.s. has the best trained soldiers in the world.
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turns out, they are pretty media savvy. while on their flight to atlanta, two of the soldiers recorded a video about their frustration and posted it on youtube. >> so you are saying our military travel orders authorized us to carry four bags, correct? >> yes, that is correct. >> what happened to the soldiers that actually had four bags. >> we actually ended up paying out of pocket our own money to allow that fourth bag to be taken on the plane. >> how much did you pay? >> $200 per bag. >> reporter: close to 200,000 hits later and delta was issuing an apology in the form of a blog implying the soldiers had simply been misinformed they could check four bags. the statement appeared to do little to stem the withering
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fire of public outrage. >> it is unforgivable that delta couldn't make an exception and cut these boys some slack. >> reporter: less than 24 hours later, delta was in full retreat, abruptly changing its military baggage allowance announcing the move in a press release. they increased their free checking baggage for u.s. military traveling honoreds in economy class to four checked bags. that is how two u.s. soldiers fought off an entire airline to win the battle of the bags. >> thank you. we are actually happy to be back to america. god bless america. unbelievable, thousands of dollars. marty, you and i know, our soldiers fly commercially all the time. so, why all of the sudden, is this checked baggage issue coming up now. >> reporter: in delta's defense,
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they had in their website and it has been stated by the company for a long time, they had a three bag limit and beyond that, you had to pay for the fourth one. this all could have been solved at check-in. if you had somebody who had the power with the airlines to say, normally, guy, it is three bags. today, it is four. welcome home. that would have ended it. none of the media would be camped out here talking about this story today. unfortunately, it turned into a nightmare p.r. wise for delta. >> it seems like a no-brainer. give these men and women a break. marty, thanks so much. checking other stories across country. police in oakland, california, searching for this man. they say he burglarized a woman's home tuesday morning before sexually assaulting her. investigators hope that the 13 seconds of video rs the victim was able to capture will actually help get him. 77 rotc cadettes are
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recovering after a lightning bolt struck their camp near hattiesburg, mississippi. four were close when it struck. in west virginia, people lining up along the side of the highway to see the so-called miracle plane make its move. the jet, as you know, famous for the 2009 emergency landing right into the hudson river is being transported from new jersey to an aviation museum in north carolina. in cedar rapids, iowa, the relocation of a local museum and library is getting lots of attention, not to mention videotape as the move is actually being recorded. time lapse, as you can see here, always cool to watch in all the entire move could take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. still ahead, no more twisting an turning to see how your butt looks in those jeans. a new product could revolutionize your shocking experience. you will want to see it. in here, the planned combination
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a situation that many of us, especially we women, know very well. you are trying on some new pants in a store but you want to see just how good the back side looks. twisting, turning, possible neck cramps. that all happens, right? alison kosik, she never has to worry about that. she always looks good. she doesn't need to spin around, turn around.
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>> never. every now and then i have to check what's going on. >> what's this new product? >> so i had to check to see if i could say this on tv but what we are talking about here is genius. it is called the asscam. it is called exactly that. the clothing retailer, american rags actually trademarked that name. here is how it works. i want to pull up this picture. this picture tells 1,000 words. there is this closed-circuit camera that sits at your butt level. the mirror is in front of you. they have a guy checking out his behind, they don't have a woman. on left, you see the guy looking straight there, the eye level camera. at the butt lifl is tevel is th. you get to see this image of your back side streamed to the mirror. no more need to contort your body to see your back side. we all have to look our businese
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in our jeans. >> he is looking pretty good. you can't see the back side. you can just imagine. opening bell just a few minutes away. >> it is. you know, futures are looking good. we are in positive territory. we got a better than expected report on the trade. it showed it narrowed. could be good news for manufacturing or gdp, economic xwro growth. real fast, i know a lot of you are going to want to know where you can find these cameras. they are only at two stores, the store called american rag. th are getting positive feedback. if you do go into this dressing room at this place. it is not in every dressing room. you can bypass it, opt out of the butt cam. i have to make a segue now to a serious story. i will hold my comments for later. alison kosik, thank you so much. we are going to take you live to the casey anthony trial. it continues today.
9:22 am
you see casey anthony there on the stand. she faces seven counts in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, including first-degree murder. her brother testifying now. let's listen in. >> you remember being asked circumstances surrounding the taking and being asked that particular question. >> yes. >> durham what your response was? >> not exactly, no. >> i am referring to the deposition of july 30th, 2009, page 279, lines 1 through 25. >> lines what? >> i'm sorry. lines 1 through 25, judge. >> okay. >> you have it?
9:23 am
>> your honor, i am bringing it up on the screen now for the witness. specifically, i'm sorry, specifically, i'm going to be referring to line 17 through 25 and on page 280, which i will put up in a minute, lines 1 through 4. mr. anthony, if you would take a look at line 17 through 25. just let me know when you are done. >> i will finished with that part. >> thank you.
9:24 am
>> again, sir, i will ask you to read lines one through three. okay. all right. mr. anthony, what was -- does that refresh your memory? >> yes. >> what did your sister tell you the reason for caylee being taken was? >> in her opinion, casey was not being a good mother to caylee or wouldn't be a good mother for caylee. she was taking her -- taking caylee from her to teach her a lesson and also told her not to go to the police or anything like that. >> did she also give you a description, a detailed description of what zanaida gonzalez looked like? >> yes, she did.
9:25 am
she was kind of normal height, about 5'8", 5'10"ish, good complex, long hair, spanish. >> live out of orlando, florida, you are listen tog the brother of casey anthony, leann on this any, as he is testifying here in her trial as it continues. casey anthony, 25, facing seven counts in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, including first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and misleading investigators. if convicted, she could face the death penalty. anthony has pleaded not guilty and denied having anything to do with her daughter's death. we are going to take a quick break. dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
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we're going to head on into the interview. ivan . . . ivan . . . alright, go ahead, right in front. what's your favorite piece of technology besides the engine? it would have to be the sync. i use it everyday, all the time. what do you think ford is doing right? striking a balance. you need to have the balance of fuel efficiency, with today's economy, and you absolutely need that horsepower. do you think your car looks good in here? i think it looks good, but it think it would look better if i was in it.
9:28 am
live back fot casey anthony trial. her brother, lee, testifying now. >> page 104, lines 15 through 19. >> okay. have you had a chance to read that, mr. anthony? >> yes, i did. >> did that refresh your memory as to what your sister told you about her reaction to her daughter being taken from her? >> her reaction, maybe. you asked what she had saw. >> what was that? >> what she saw? >> her reaction. >> her reaction for that was that she couldn't believe it was happening and it felt kind of like surreal to her. >> did she indicate she did
9:29 am
anything to stop her from taking her daughter? >> she did not. >> did she tell you why? >> did she tell you why she didn't do anything? >> that she was scared and she didn't know what to do. after caylee was taken from her, did your sister indicate to you that this zanaida person was controlling her movements or telling her what to do? >> she did tell me that, yes. >> any more specific than that in what way? >> specifically through myspace at the time. she had casey's password and you can send yourself a message or post something small and you can see it on your account. she would do things like that to kind of instruct her on what to do and where to do, things like
9:30 am
that? >> did she indicate she o would go to these places she told her to go? >> she did. >> to hope to see caylee. to hope to fulfill whatever obligations were being set upon her. >> you had mentioned during your last response about my face and also facebook. >> i don't remember facebook specific. i know myspace was bigger at the time. >> do you know what time 55 was? >> a password that casey had specifically for myspace. >> did you ask her what timer55 meant? >> i did. >> do you recall what her explanation of what timer55 meant? >> her first explanation was she did not choose the password but her feeling expressed to me on what it was, her explanation was that from the date caylee was
9:31 am
taken from her until her birthday on august 9th, that there were 55 calendar days within that period of time. it was her understanding that or her hope or belief that she was going to get her back on that date. that's all she really had to share with me. day one would be june 16th. day 55 would be august 9th. >> correct. >> you indicated in your answer that she told you that she did not create this password. >> that is what she told me, yes. >> did she tell you who did create this password? >> she told me that zanaida did? >> did she tell you how she was able to change her old password to her new one? >> i would imagine she would have had her old one. >> you don't know how? >> i don't know.
9:32 am
>> thank you. >> cross-examination. good morning, mr. anthony. >> good morning. >> so if i understand your testimony correctly, your sister told you another story about the imaginary zanny the nanny. >> yes, she told me another story about zanny the nanny. >> and she told you that zanny the nanny would contact her through myspace? >> yes, she did. >> and she would tell her what to do, how to control her so she didn't call the police? >> correct. >> and maybe like go places? >> correct. >> so maybe she could see caylee? >> sure. >> and was this like going to phone booths and things like
9:33 am
that or different locations to be able to try and find zanny the nanny. was there any other detail other than that? >> i don't believe we got into detail on where she would go but i imagine it was like stores and places like that. >> she would go to these stores and do what? >> objection, calls for speculation. >> if mr. anthony knows based upon what his sister said, objection overruled. >> look for caylee, walk around. >> and none of these myspace -- imaginary myspace posts to find this imaginary zanny ever panned out for her, did it? >> it goes beyond the witness's
9:34 am
knowledge and calls for speculation. >> overruled unless that was told to you by miss anthony. you are not to guess about what she thinks but only what she told you about that limited subject. >> casey was never successful in finding caylee in any of those experiences. >> and zan anny, the nanny, nev materialized? >> to this day, no. >> the witness may be excused. thank you, sir. once again hearing from casey anthony's brother, leann on this any, testifying live in florida in the casey anthony trial. anthony, as you know, age 25 as you see here facing seven counts in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. a quick break and more from "cnn newsroom" straight ahead.
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"new york times" reports the u.s. is stepping up the cold war against al qaeda in yemen. the armed drones and fighter attacks come as the yemeni government struggles to fight against rebel forces. democrats want congressman anthony weiner to resign because
9:38 am
of his sexting scandal. his new york district may be eliminated next year due to redistricting. calmer winds could slow down an arizona wild fire that has already burned 389,000 acres. firefighters warning people not to get complacent. the ongoing wars in iraq and afghanistan and a military operation in libya, likely top of the agenda at leon panetta's senate confirmation hearing taking place this mour. he is president obama's pick to be the next secretary of defense. panetta is described as one of the most experienced, smartest players around with 40 years of public service. a quick snap shop on his background. a former army intelligence officer, former california congressman, director of the office of management and budget during the clinton administration and served as clinton's chief of staff and currently, the director of the cia. quite a vitae, barbara starr.
9:39 am
if confirmed, as expected, he will have quite a lot on his plate. >> if the last ten years or so have been adding things to the pentagon to-do list, leon panetta's tenure may be about crossing things off the to-do list. the budget experience may be at the top of his need when he comes here. president obama has said he wants to cut about another $400 billion out of defense spending. that's real hard-core defense economics. he will be working on that. you really just have to look around the globe right now as panetta sits in the witness chair getting ready to testify on capitol hill at the list of countries he has to worry about and try and do something about. the wars in iraq and afghanistan top the list. when you talk about afghanistan, the next hot spot is next door in pakistan, trying to stabilize the al qaeda situation there. moving around the globe, trying
9:40 am
to keep a run in check with its nuclear program. violence in syria, libya, yemen. panetta has already said that yemen is a very major concern. he has talked about al qaeda and yemen as having the immediate threat. look for panetta in the next hour or two hours during this testimony to be asked a lot of questions about how he plans to cope with this entire menu of problems, kyra. >> indeed. entire menu, indeed. thank you so much. cnn listens to the voice of the nevada voters. we are going to tell you what they are saying next.
9:41 am
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9:43 am
this week, cnn is on a listening tour hearing what earn us are motivating voters with the 2012 presidential election now 17 months away. today, we are zeroing in on nevada. casey wian in the hot place of las vegas. good morning, casey. >> reporter: good morning, kyra. we are just southeast of las vegas in the second largest city in nevada, henderson. this is the place behind me, las vegas strip is where all the tourists go. places like this where the voters live, they will be very key in the 2012 presidential
9:44 am
race. given what's happened here, unemployment rate, around 12% now. it has been as high as 14%, 15% in nevada. half of the home sales here in foreclosure. it is no surprise that for voters here, the main thing on their mind is the economy. travis ward and jamie miller work on a 30-passenger hummer limousine, a symbol of the las vegas fast life surrounded by a nevada economy that's hit the skids. >> it is just bad here. everything is slow. a lot of people are out of work. they did build too quick here. now, people are leaving because there is no jobs. everything is empty. look at it here. >> their brake shop is the only business operating in the shopping center. >> if there is no cars coming in, i don't get no hours, how can i afford to pay for my kid? >> reporter: how is it going to impact your decision on who you vote for president next year? >> it will impact it some.
9:45 am
it is pretty much picking the lessor of the two evils. i know i don't want obama in there again. >> the only thing i would say i was happy about was finding osama out there. that was one thing he did keep his promise about. i enjoyed that. >> reporter: neither man has found a republican to support in 2012. both say the economy is so bad they plan to leave soon. not so with these women. >> i am going to continue to vote for obama. >> reporter: why is that? >> because i don't think it is fair to take him down after he did all the hard work getting the economy where we are now. >> i have been looking for a job for a year an a half. i think obama has done a good job, especially with what he walked into. am i going to vote for him? i don't know yet. >> i voted for barack obama. >> greg martin used to have a 5,000 square foot shop cutting parts for manufacturing companies. now, he is doing small jobs in his garage for a tiny fraction
9:46 am
of the revenue. he doesn't like the president's health care plan. he says he can't afford insurance. >> i know it is not going to help me. i am a small business entity. to get health insurance is really expensive. >> down the block, one of nevada's nation leading home foreclosures. >> i am not upside down. i am not under water at this time. if it keeps going the way it is, i will. >> what are you going to do in 2012? >> i am still undecided. at this point, i don't know. >> reporter: a lot of nevada voters don't know either. one of the reince both parties are playing a lot of attention to this day for 2012, democrats outnumber republicans by about 100,000 voters. there are about 300,000 voters who are nonpartisan. in nevada, it is an early primary. it will go a long way to determining who the republican nominee is going to be. checking stories across country now. some students across connecticut
9:47 am
aren't sweating the sweltering temperatures, at least not in class. the heat, coupled with the lack of air-conditioning in some buildings, has prompted early dismissals. the new franklin county courthouse in franklin, ohio, has a glass stairwell. making it basically a peeping tom's dream. security guards are now warning all women to avoid it. two upper michigan, the u.p., ellen raymond, the only cheer leader from her 1938 class at the high school finally got her varsity letter, 73 years after the fact. good things take time. texas rangers draft a college baseball player even though he will likely never play again. jonathan taylor is partially paralyzed after a collision on the field. we are going to tell you why the rangers called his name. ♪
9:48 am
[ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges. and the ones tomorrow will bring.
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a quick check of the big board. dow industrials up about 45 points. let's look at other stories making headlines today. at noon, senate majority harry reid, calling on the government to stop providing subsidies. vice president biden, will hold meetings, tasked with a long-term plan to cut the deficit. 4:45, president obama will hold a white house meeting. they will discuss democracy,
9:52 am
security and economic growth issues. we're following lots of developments, let's start first with mohammed jamjoon. she's live in abu dhabi. mohamed. >> it's a u.s. military mission you probably don't know about. a secret war intensifying in yemen. i'll have details live at the top of the hour. >> and i'm kate bolduan, a growing up in of congressman weiner's own party calling for him to resign. will it have an impact? >> also on the next hour, a secret life of a legend. cocaine, booze, family violence, even sex abuse. sugar ray leonard opens up in his new autobiography. he's going to join me live to talk about it.
9:53 am
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okay. can we expect anything less than anger on the ice? that's standing operating procedure in hockey. >> it is hockey after all. this time there might be anger management classes that might be in order. started in game one when canucks player pulled a mike tyson and appeared to bite a boston bruin, and then knocked the player out of the series with a concussion, in game four, tim thomas fought back as much as he could. rich peverley score. actually scored twice, had a
9:56 am
great night, filling in for horton. thomas, meanwhile, was awesome. 38 saves for the bruins' goal tender. watch, he's the one in game one. bruins win 4-0. this series is now tied at two games. game five of the miami final, miami heat fans help their team beat the dallas mavericks p-voodoo, an owner sells all kind of unique religious supplies. his fans buying up voodoo doll, it's not really working on dirk nowitzki. great game between the d'backs and pirates. that is andrew mccutchen, that's a game-winning run. pirates win, 3-2. braves and marlins, alex gonzalez, ground to center. florida's chris coughlin, dragging it. came up with the first baseman,
9:57 am
looks like he has a home at center, i'd say, that's the toughest of all of those positions, finally. >> we usually don't talk about a late round pick. but they did something cool, with the 33rd selection, rangers chose jonathan taylor from the university of georgia, even though he will probably not play again. he was portionly paralyzed when he collided with his teammate, the ringers also selected cone. his georgia coach said it was such a classy move from the team. taylor was so excited. >> we're so glad you and i got to talk about it. pretty awesome. thanks, jeff. make no mistake, he brought it on himself and his wife definitely has it a lot worse. this has been a pretty hideous week for anthony weiner.
9:58 am
the latest twits? yep, the x-rated photo. jeanne moos takes a look. >> reporter: how bad are things for anthony weiner? so bad, he can pick up a newspaper, see himself nestled in a bun with the head lines "stick a fork in him." >> so bad, donald trump said -- >> he's a psycho. >> and airlines saying, have you seen the weiner sale, so bad fairs so low you can't resist and con dumbs, protect your weiner. >> and this hand. >> a naked picture we can't show you, though the internet will, a picture we can't confirm is weiner, a photo, conservative website owner, andrew breitbard had but will not release. >> but when he went on the radio
9:59 am
show, he had the photo on his phone. >> we begged, pleaded. producted. and he agreed to pass it around. it was a photo he obtained from one of the women weiner sent the photos. >> that's a good angle. he's a smart by. >> all i can say, from see that picture, i want that guy as mayor. >> and while everyone was chuckling over the photo -- >> one of the video cameras on the show today, captured what was on andrew breitbart's phone while it was going around the room. he said he didn't know an image was taken. then said i regret this occurred. it was a race to tweet the picture the fastest. the photo went viral. >> i think andrew breitbart is not too happy with us.
10:00 am
if he thinks andrew breitbart is mad, imagine what anthony weiner is thinking outside the bun. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> 10:00 a.m. east coast. 7:00 a.m. out west. arizona firefighters hope today's weaker winds help them battle historic wildfires, nearly 400,000 acres burned, biggest fire moved into the town of greer, which has already evacuated. this morning, a grim new measure of the economy, last week the number of americans their first claims for unemployment benefits rose to 427,000. 1,000 more than the week before. and country superstar, shania twain, took a tumble at last night's cmt music awards. she is fine and is in the midst of a big comeback. we'll have that story a little bit later. this morning, reports of a
10:01 am
secret u.s. war in yemen, as the important u.s. ally teeters near collapse. u.s. ally is a hot bed of terrorism and growing instabilit instability. >> this is the white house, ratcheting up air strike, rebels badly wounded yemen's president, he's now recovering in saudi arabia, rather. the u.s. is take advantage of the power vacuum that's been left behind. strikes further testing the full resources of our military. >> it is interesting, he goes to testify on the hill but eslings, united states military is involved in five spratt wars and five muslim countries. fairly unusual moment in american history. >> according to the new york time, stakes high. reports, quote, al qaeda's affiliate in yemen is believed by the cia to pose the greatest immediate threat to the united states, more so than even al
10:02 am
qaeda's senior leadership, believed to be hiding in pakistan. mohammed jamjoon, live in abu dhabi p-mohammed, why the strikes now? >> kyra, there's so much concern that yemen is on the verge of all-out civil war. so many strike, chaos, flash points, fighting going on within the country. one of the reason there's so much concern by the u.s., al qaeda and the arare yan peninsula uses yemen as its hub. it's deemed to be the most active, most threatening, most dangerous wing of al qaeda that exists. in the last couple dace they've been able to launch attacks against the u.s., very sophisticated attacks as well. even though they have 7,000 fighters within that country. because there's so much strife right now. there's a vacuum, power vacuum that's going on, the u.s. thought this is the best time to go in there and try to start dealing with the al qaeda problem, because they don't
10:03 am
believe there's anybody in yemen right now, there's no real leader able to help them on the fight on terror. by all accounts, they seem to think the u.s. is doing this right now, because they are very concerned about al qaeda, and they don't think there's an effective leader who can help them in their fight. kyra. >> the cia, other high-ranking members of the military have talked about the tremendous threat to the u.s. has it gotten worse from the last time we were talking about this, nearly 6 months ago? >> looks like we lost our connection with mohammed in abu dhabi but we'll continue to follow this story as developments continue, in this covert war purportedly waged against the u.s. another country and leader,
10:04 am
moammar gadhafi fighting to the death. today an international coalition looking beyond. that meeting is in abu dhabi, considering plans with libya, without abu dhabi's charge. the international support, traditional government will succeed him. if you're wondering why we focus on the video, you can see that's the wife of embattled congressman, anthony weiner, huma abedin is the wife of the embattled congressman, new reports surfacing today that she is pregnant. she is traveling with secretary of state hillary clinton. as we've reported, one of clinton's closest aides. former president -- actually kate bolduan on capitol hill now, as she's monitoring the pressure that seems to be growing by the minute. now we're getting this statement
10:05 am
from representative schwartz, came and talk about this earlier this morning. coming forward, saying he should definitely resign. let's talk about why her call to action, we shall say is so significant right now. >> yes. this is a congressman from pennsylvania. our viewers might not know her so much on the national stage but she is significant in this regard, in this aspect and her calling for congressman weiner to resign because of the role she holds. she is in charge of recruiting democrats to run for the house in the 2012 cycle. she's very aware of her position and very aware that her statements, the message, perhaps that her statement could bring. we're told that her coming out publicly, along with about half a dozen other house democrats is really a sign of a new stepped-up effort to force congressman weiner to resign. it's a signal that represents growing concern among the caucus, it also says a lot quite
10:06 am
frankly, how democrats are feeling that this scandal is hurting them politically. that seems like that's one of the tleens there seems to be -- there is a growing number of democrats, house democrats calling for a member of their own party to step down. kyra. >> kate bolduan on capitol hill. thank you. mean while, an x-rated photo is on the web. andrew breitbart flashed the image on his cell phone. >> one of the images cap twhurd was on andrew breitbart's phone around the room. it's a race to see who could tweet the picture the fastest. andrew breitbart is not happy with us right now. >> he said he did not
10:07 am
intentionally go against his word to tweet that photo. here's what he said on the arena. >> my website refused to publish this photo. they admitted they took it surrepetitiously. they did it without my knowledge even said there were no cameras there. >> he got the photo roo their a woman claims he sent it to her. checking international headlines, a phone-hacking scandal expands in britain, among the latest victims, kate middleton and tony blair. max foster has the low down from london. max, tell us what this is about. >> this story is complicated, long running. not to mention it was mentioned in parliament. the prime minister suspected it for the first time. prince william suspected his aides' phones were hacked.
10:08 am
the news of the world ended up in prison. and since then, there's been a whole host of other accusations of phone hacking, involving the news of the world and celebrities of all times. sienna miller did get a big payout. the later set of accusations, come from the newspaper, unsubstantiated claims, a game involving the news of the world. listing a whole load of other people who have had breaches of courtesy, as free-lancers effectively dig to find stories and kate middleton was allegedly one of the victims, although they're not making a comment on it. and the metropolitan police, the lead investigator saying they are looking at new allegations of breaches of privacy. news international saying there's no truth in any of this. so far they say they're not involved. >> max foster, live from london, max, thanks.
10:09 am
>> sugar ray leonard, he knew how to beat up other guys in the ring. fighting his own daemons was a different story. the champ joins me live to talk about the bouts you didn't get to see. and rudy giuliani, is he he goinging to run for president? one report says he'll do it. my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last. introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest with sides of lightly sauteed farm-picked vegetables. find more ways to get to the table at
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10:12 am
well, over his 20 years as a pro boxer, sugar ray leonard was a lot of things, but he was never boring, never, 1979. remember this? his first world title at the age of 23. how sweet it is. and a year later, november 1980, the roberto duran rematch. it will be a war. april of '87, super fight against marvelous mark hager. and march 1997, coming out of retirement at the age of 40, and still a warrior, sugar ray writes about all of this and much more in the new autobiography, the big fight, my life in and out of the ring. he joins us live from washington. great to see you, champ. >> thank you so much. >> as we saw right there. you showed a lot of highlights
10:13 am
from your career and how sweet it was for sure. at the beginning of the book, you actually point out that there was sugar ray, then there was racht sugar ray was fearless, then there was fear. has there always been two rays? >> not necessarily, sugar ray game when i was 14. my goal went to the olympics, got become a professional fighter, be special inside the ring and outside of the ring. and those things did come to fruition, as sugar ray started getting more famous and wealthier, there was a conflict at some point, i believe in the hype too much of who i was, and was kind of a split personality. i've had a wonderful career, wealth and fame. i had obstacles that i had to
10:14 am
overcome, and this book was so cathartic and so therapeutic, that it released me of things that i kept on my chest for so, so long. i was aside bigtime for 30 some years. >> yeah, and, you know, i'm going to get to the most uncomfortable part in just a second. you talked about also being under the influence of drug, and alcohol. i guess these rays, kind of overlapped at times. was there ever a point when you were at the top of your game that you were under the influence, or when the sugar ray -- when he was winning, when he was fighting and smiling, that sugar ray you remember growing up, were you totally 100% under the adrenaline? >> never -- i never use, or did anything, when he was training, when i had a fight in front of me, i was structured, training
10:15 am
camp, i did all these things, this only started to escalate when i retired back in 1982, first retirement than many. i was 25, 26 years old, at the top of my game. i am retired, and i was in the state of limbo. i wanted to continue, and i resorted to a band-aid, which was cocaine and alcohol, a lot. a lot. i became less of a father, less of a husband. and i don't blame the alcohol or drugs, or how i treated my first wife, juanita. i was just a jerk. i believed the hype too much. i had to many yes-men behind me. my mother and father are still living, my mom isle 83 today. i had people who loved me. i had wonderful people, or
10:16 am
orchestrated my career. i had good people. and i had my assistant for life. for 37 years. i had a wonderful life. because i had boxing, because of what happened to me when i was 15, 16, of the people i trusted, i was hurting inside, bigtime. >> if you don't mind, i want to ask you about that. you probably knew, when you finally talked about this, that it was going to come out in the media. this was very uncomfortable. very unsettling for me to read about. i remember you a certain way, your fans remember you a certain way. you revealed you were sexually abused by a coach. here's how you put it in your own words. i cringe when i read this. you said before i knew it, he put his hands in my pants and it taunted me for life. i screamed, i didn't look at him, i opened the door and ran. you had to know this would get a
10:17 am
subject that would get a lot of attention. are you okay with that right now? why had you include this? has it been therapeutic for you? >> i had to get that out, because it was killing me inside. i was dying insigh. i told no one. i kept this for myself for 30 some years. i said that to my first wife, yawn nita, but i said it under the influence of alcohol, because a guy don't talk about those things. especially me as a fighter, i could have kicked their butts, but i didn't. it was just hard. it was killing me, and i'm so glad that i'm releasing this, as painful as it is. it's okay. i learned to surrender through my program. i'll be sober five years in july, you know, that's my -- that is indeed my biggest
10:18 am
accomplishment. >> agreed, agreed. and that man should burn in hell. i'm going to turn the corner, ray, because you're absolutely right. you are a fighter, you continued to be a fighter outside of the ring, and called that one of the most haunting times of your life. let's get to one of the best times of your life. you loved "dancing with the stars." i'm going to take you from tears of pain to tears of fun here, okay? you said you were going to stick with dancing, too, you loved ballroom dancing. i was thinking, how about i help you edit a video, and we can go from the boxing ring, to the ballroom. maybe a dvd, right hook rumba, tango tko. what do you think? >> that's doable. the only thing about dancing with the star, i'm so glad i did that with anna trebunskaya, my
10:19 am
feet hurt so bad, especially in heel, i don't envy women who wear heels. >> i think i'd rather still see you in boxing shoes, don't go into the heels. you were very graceful. you tinned on with the ballroom dancing? >> i just do the stretching part. the ballroom dancing is totally opposite of what i've done for 30 year, i'm down, my shoulders are down, my chin is down. ballroom dancing is just the opposite. expose your chest, your chin is up in the air, to be knocked out. doesn't go together. doesn't mesh. >> sugar ray leonard, the big fight, my life in and out of the ring. it's a pretty competing book. as i told you before, my grandfather was a boxer. and we both admired you so much. i still do. matter of fact, i admire you even more. what an honor to interview you about this book. you're a brave, brave man. thanks, ray. >> you bet. >> let's check stories across the country.
10:20 am
police in oakland, california, searching for this man. saying they burr garrized his home before sexually assaulting her. victims hope the 13 seconds of video will hopefully capture him. 13 cadets were rescued after lightning bolt struck the camp. no one was hurt. and students across connecticut are not sweating the swelter aring temperature, the heat prompted early dismissals in a number of districts statewide. all right. new developments in the run for the white house. and it's a name that we all know very well. rudy giuliani. weekly standard is reporting that he's going to give it another go in 2012. he already went to new hampshire and took a little of mitt romney's thunder, let's talk about it more. john avila is with the daily
10:21 am
speech and when can he make this announcement? could it make any competitors nervous? >> i think bill crystl got ahead of himself, but laid out the rationale safely. what rudy said, he's keeping the door open and seriously considering a run. as cnn showed, he did very, very well. that showed him atop the republican field. there's a lot of republican reasons to consider this and reasons new hampshire might be a good state with open prime's and independent voters. >> last time he gave it a go, department pan out so well. how will he change his strategy this time around, knowing him as well as you do? >> i think he can will more time focusing on new hampshire. new hampshire is unique, not only an open primary state, where voters can vote.
10:22 am
but democrats outnumbered republicans. this time the only game in town is the republicans. i think when folks take a look at rudy's fiscal record which i don't think is appreciated, his record of success, cutting tax and balancing budgets, that's what doesn't reunite the republican party. but given a crowd field you see a rationale for a strong candidate if he decided to run. >> if he decides to, which p gop candidate who read this news today or seen this right now with you and me, is shaking in their boots, you think? >> well, you know, shaking in their boots -- >> or is nobody worried? >> none of them would cop to that. >> i want you to cop to it. >> this field is wide open right now. you see a republican party that's moved further and further to the right.
10:23 am
very factualized party right now. nobody should dismiss the possibility of a rudy giuliani run with his high name i.d. his ability to speak to a record success when it comes to governing, turning around a city. that's a record in office that we haven't seen a lost precedence for in recent years. any candidate should take it very seriously, while most candidates busy running to the right. it's an ability to reunite factors currently ignored right now. no one should count them out and view the prospect. >> good to see you. . she was one of country music's hottest stars then anxiety over her cheating husband actually took her voice away. but she's back. shania twain said come see me in vegas.
10:24 am
♪ [car horn honks]
10:25 am
our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
10:26 am
she was country music's "it" girl for much of the '90s and beyond. any time shania twain fell down she got right back up. last night was no different. isn't that right, a.j.? >> kyra, you can't keep shania down. she was at the cmt music awards, was on the way to do that when she slicked on what looked like a pretty slick walkway and it had to hurt. she's a true pro, she got right
10:27 am
back up. and went to the stage to give the award. shania called it one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. if that's how you feel you're doing pretty good. she tweeted out a video response. let's take a look at what she said. >> i department hurt myself. i have a bit of a sore thumb, and i -- i am going to auction off those shoe, as soon as i can. i never want to see those shoes again. or maybe i should keep them as a souvenir. think about that one. i don't know. shania said we think he made a fool of himself. tripping at an award show, regardly embarrassing, right? >> absolutely. if you're a fan, i listened to her music in a long time.
10:28 am
knowing what she's gone through, from percent parents to ex-husband, she's a true fighter. the greatest news that we'll hear now, her future is looking bright. but she's making a comeback. >> in a big way, she's going to very garks just announced she's going to be the headliner for a two-year run pat caesar's palace. that following in sell lean deon's footsteps. shania said she thinks sell lean will be helpful in preparing her for the big. it's going to air 2012. i think her fans are thrilled about it. >> it will sell out. we have more kardashian drama. oh, boy. >> nfl player, seeps to be telling everybody he had a relationship with kim while
10:29 am
dating kris humphries. kardashian is denying the store. tmz telling lockett, if he doesn't retract the allegations they'll take him to court. list ton the letter. to put it plainly and clearly, as mr. lockett knows there's not now and never has been such a relationship. miss kardashian has not met and doesn't know mr. lockett. >> he's noting baing down. he told them he has physical evidence. including phone letters. they've only dated six months before announcing their engagement. along with flaunting the engagement ring. do you give back that engagement ring? is that an exception? i don't know. >> i think the ring is over the top, a.j. i don't get it. the drama continue, so is the
10:30 am
the bling. great to see, a.j. >> if you want everything from the entertainment world. a.j. got it. check him out every night. hln, 11:00 p.m. on "showbiz tonight." >> all right. from 30 rock, in the wake of wi weinergate, alec baldwin pull ace run for political mayor. a political buzz panelist cast their votes next. >> at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years.
10:31 am
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10:33 am
in the sexting scandal. congressman anthony weiner called bill clinton say, sorry. late night comedians having a field day. >> this is true, he did call president clinton to apologize, when bill suggested he also called hillary. weiner said, don't worry, i just sent her a text. >> what? congressman had a sex scandal and had to apologize to bill clinton. for what? copyright infringement? >> yes, congressman wiener is still topping our political buzz. our rapid fire look at the hottest political stories of the day. each of our brilliant political observers will now get 20 sents to answer three probing
10:34 am
questions. our contributor, who leans to the left. will cane who leans to the right, and john av lalon who sheets the middle. comedians laughing, but the weiner scandal take ace sad turn. pretty gut wrenching, reports that his wife is pregnant and weiner still has a job. what do dems do? >> this is what they should do. only thing stopping him from ending medicare is barack obama and senator harry reid. think about that as we enter the election season. that's what democrats should do. >> you're taking a different turn here, will. >> they should run, run fast, run away from anthony weiner, that's what they're doing, asking him to resign. force him to resign. if that's obvious, what does anthony weiner do? i think the world of liberal
10:35 am
cable news punditry got more competitive. john. >> as long as weinergate keeps getting weirder, which it will, this will continue to dominate headlines, this has gone from stupid to sad with the news of his wife's pregnancy, but this continues to be a distraction. that's the reality, unless he announces resignation. >> let's see what happens. everybody saying that could be close. i think it's safe to say the hopes of being mayor are toast. let's talk about alec baldwin. he's making a move for that job. can he pull it off, will? >> i think it's obvious. it's 20, 30 chances of reading a cue card and playing make believe. i have a governor of california, senator of minnesota as evidence.
10:36 am
wrestling is acting. >> oh, carnell. >> you know, to run a city like new york, i should take a skill set. not like senator where you could get away with not doing much. if he runs as democrat, he should hire me, i could probably get him elected. >> celebrity candidates would do well as an independent. look, we've got a long list of actors who run successfully for high office, especially republicans in recent years. it's something if he considers he'll get a lost attention for. >> jim acosta and i decided if it doesn't happen, we'll see an episode of "30 rock" of this exact scenario. and he'll probably win. the buzzer beater, ten seconds only, a new hillary clinton comic book is hitting stores.
10:37 am
here's my question. what adventure, would you guys want to read about. cornell? >> actually, she's used to her platform to elevate women's rights across the globe. and, frankly, i think that's a really good thing. i think more of our kids should know about that. >> there you go. will. >> i want to read about the super power that transforms a jilted first lady of arkansas into the first lady of the united states, a senator, a presidential candidate and the secretary of state. >> okay. and, john, wrap us up. >> i love it. i want to look at a more recent chapter. adventure of hilly and huma's trip to africa. the conversation they cad had. >> that would sell out within five minutes across the united states. that's for sure. guy, thanks very much, it's always fun. >> all right. let's check our top stories as we go just past the half hour. protests and violence raging on in emmien. u.s. said it resumed air strikes in the country and military
10:38 am
official tells cnn, u.s. believes it kill aid top al qaeda insurgent there. and vice president biden will hold the sixth meeting, lawmakers hoping to hammer out the long-term plan to cut the deficit. and casey anthony murder trial. anthony's brother took the witness stand this morning. he gave differing accounts how caylee was kidnapped in an orlando park. casey anthony faces seven counts of the death of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. >> we have ipads, iphone, now ispaceship? steve jobs unexpectedly shows up at a city council meeting. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf clubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good!
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10:41 am
the on going wars in iraq and afghanistan, military operation in libya, that's likely the top of the agenda at leon panetta's senate confirmation hering. panetta is described as one of the smartest experienced people around. he's a picture of his background. army intelligence officer, congressman from california. currently the director of cia. >> the apple is known as being the head of the curve, now the latest idea is for new headquarters that actually look like a spaceship. ceo steve jobs actually went to a city council meeting to pitch the plan himself.
10:42 am
how did that go? >> probably a lot of shocked people in the room. >> jobs wasn't scheduled to be there. it was a big surprise when he walked in. he's looking to build new apple headquarters near where the headquarters is right now. what happened, so many employees have been added to apple, that they really outgrew their current building in cupertino. they rented extra offices, take a look at this building. it's round, looks like a donut, but if you ask jobs, he said it looks like a spaceship. he wants to build this building that doesn't look boring like these other office parks. jobs is known for his pickiness, innovation and design. this building definitely shows that. the parking is supposed to be underground. that frees up space for landscaping. he plans to put an apricot orchard right in that donut hole.
10:43 am
kyra. >> we hear he had fighting words for the city counsecil if they don't approve his plans? >> the council asked him why should we approve this building. jobs responded with a bit of a threat. list ton what he said? >> we're the largest taxpayer in cupertino, so we'd like to continue to stay here and pay taxes. that's number one. >> okay. >> because if we can't, then we have to go somewhere like mountainview, and we take our current peep with us. >> ouch. so mountainview, by the way, is right where google is, so them are fighting words if you ask me. the reality on this, the council is likely to go along with this. it can risk losing all those jobs, all of that tax payer money. even the city council made comments calling it spectacular and elegant. who wouldn't want apple in their backward. >> i was going to say.
10:44 am
the orchard, that's an interesting twist. >> i'll go there just to visit. >> exactly. all right. alison. thanks. in today's "daily dose" scientists want to look at the connection between autism and chemicals. toxic chemicals could be factors in the neurological equation, especially during pregnancy, nearly 1 in 110 kids in the u.s. are diagnosed with autism. warning about some video that you're about to see. two elephants went on a rampage this morning and the imans were pretty graphic. at least one person was killed. more the pretty bizarre story coming up next. [ male announcer ] you know there are germs on every surface in your mouth. but did you know those same germs can build up and form a resilient layer called biofilm?
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i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore.
10:47 am
a frightening scene in southern india. i want to warn you the video is pretty graphic. here's a look. several elephants actually went wild, rampaging through city streets andkying one person and injuring three others. authorities were able to stop them with tranquilizer, the animals apparently came into the city from a nearby forest. join us, "animal planet's" large predator expert.
10:48 am
dave salmoni. i guess the first question, we're used to see elephants at the circus and not being violent whatsoever. is this behavior normal for elt elfacts in any way? >> of course it is common. dealing with any big animal. the ability to be aggressive is based how smart they are. they are very intelligent. if they're pushed to the limit. whether based on fear, that aggression can be very violent. >> is there anything that could have prevented this or limited the danger to people there? of course, any time you work with dangerous animals, i've been working with them for 15 year, you have to see this happen before it happens. you have to watch the animals' behave dwror and understand is making it uncomfortable so you get out of that situation. unfortunately, as you see from
10:49 am
the footage, once they start rampaging, you will not stop them. they are way too big, aggressive and capable. you have to stop them before it starts. >> stopping them with the tranquilizers, was that the best way to ham the sideways in your eyes? >> it certainly helps that they didn't shoot it. i think in north america, a rifle would have come out long before a tranquilizer. fortunately tranquilizers take three, five minutes to work. i'm glad the authorities chose to use a tranquilizer. i know in india, it's illegal to shoot an elephant because they are revered as a god. that's some reason they department kill it. the animal was just acting naturally, the way it normally does. unfortunately conflicts with being in the middle of a city. >> you're bringing up a good point, talking about the god which is supposed to be the protector of all of the obstacles, quite a different twist when you see what happened in india.
10:50 am
"animal planet," dave simoni has a new show coming out on the third. tell us about it, right? >> the gop's crowded presidential field. lots of names and so far very little glitz. will a star be born? our candy crowley gives us a rundown. first the insurance institute for highway safety just release aid list of the highest rates of driver deaths. top five, nissan, 350z, two-door. titan cab, aveo, cobalt and extended cab. i have astigmatism.
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before the break, we showed you the five most dangerous vehicles. now here's the vehicles with the lowest rates of driver deaths. audi a6 four-door four wheel drive. mercedes e-class four-door, four wheel drive. toyota sienna.
10:54 am
all right. let's look ahead at stories making headlines, today. coming up at noon. senate majority leader here reed calling on government to stop providing subsidies to "and gas companies and vice president biden will hole the sixth meaning tasked with hammering out a long-term plan to cut the deficit and 4:45 president obama will hold a white house meeting with his counterpart from the african nation of gabon. coming up, "newsroom" with suzanne malveaux. just when you think thins couldn't get worse for anthony weiner? a full frontal photo. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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[ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business. presidential race, 2012, republicans have a pretty diverse feel, seemingly candidate for every taste. cnn's candy crowley take ace closer look for us. >> no arguing the field has breath. there is mitt romney, the former republican governor of liberal massachusetts who needs to convince primary doubters of his core conservativism. >> we'll return responsibility and authority to the state force dozens of government programs and this will begin with a complete repeal of obama care. >> reporter: and there is texas congressman ron paul op his third run at the oval office, sometimes referred to as ipt
10:58 am
lech tulle godfather of the tea party. he needs to convince doubters he's more than a conversation mover. >> there are many who would like to belittle this effort, but let me tell you, there is an old saying, three's a charm. >> reporter: it's largely a field of former, not a temporary marquis name but perfect fit in the bunch. former house speaker, newt gingrich, who often careens off message and carries personal baggage. >> if we want a new and better direction, we're going to need a new and better president. >> reporter: former minnesota governor tim pawlenty, chief executive material, he maneuvered his way through two terms in one of the bluest states in the country, but will have to defend that record to a conservative base and work on upping his campaign skills to the national level. >> who are you, mr. president, to say that you, and your administration, should take 40 cents out of every dollar and
10:59 am
borrow it from future generations to prop you up? former pennsylvania senator rick santorum, a fave of conservatives is convincing people he has a shot at power house team obama. >> hope and change is not a solution. >> hope and change is not a job. >> reporter: and the former ceo of godfather's biz sa, herman cain, has nonetheless found some poll traction. almost 40% of republicans say, they're not satisfied with this field. critics have called it weak, but a top republican strategist thinks it's more like wide open, american tile stystyle. >> people like to have a lost choices, going to the grocery store and going to cereals, they want a big array of choices. same is true for activists, they want a lot of choices.


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